Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Ten Years Later...

Today is not only New Year's Eve, it's the tenth anniversary of Bourgeois Nerd! Here is the first post.

At the five-year mark, I did a big retrospective. For the ten-year mark, I... won't be doing that. Too much work, and waaaaaay too much looking back and realizing how dull I am. Really, as you might have noticed, the old blog isn't exactly a gushing font of content these past few years. Such is life, I suppose, as well as having already said everything that needs to be said about me. But I don't really get any enjoyment even out of Skimpy Sundays, and it all feels like a big chore, and... Well, I won't be melodramatic. I do still occasionally like to share things, and I get great satisfaction out of Bourgeois Book Club in particular, so BN is not "dying," it's just officially sedated. I outlasted "blogging" in the form it took when I first started, as well as a lot of better, more popular bloggers, so I feel smug about that. Ten's a nice, round number, too, which appeals to my OCD.

If anyone's been reading for any length of time, thanks! And, like I said, I'm not going away, I'm just making official the sporadicness. I love you all.

Happy New Year!


Anonymous said...

Best of luck in the future. I've been a reader for four or so years and have always looked forward to your posts.

Frank said...

Thank you! Like I said, I'm not "going away" completely, just "stepping back" if you will.

mwg1208 said...

Hey Frank! I think I learned more about you from your comments on Bill in exile! Which led me to BN. I stop in on Sunday for Skimpy stuff and to see what the week has brought you. Since Scott Smith blogs so rarely now (which I totally miss) we hear less from the band of brethren. Scott said months ago that if he feels he isn't doing a quality blog he'll be gone. Since I don't comment on BN very much, I want to tell you how much I've enjoyed it. We fellow book readers have so much in common. Take care, martin

Frank said...

Thank you, Martin! You take care, too.

Hot guys said...

This was a pretty cool blog. :)

Tim said...

i finally get the office to let me view blogs gain I i find yours is gone. sadness!
always loved ya. hope you're well.

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