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Speaker Hath Spoken

And the verdict is everyone gets to be a geek!  As long-time readers will be aware, I heartily concur and endorse this judgment.

Update: More.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Head of a Hound

I've seen the exact same look on my dogs' face. Not sure what's going on with the ears.

A Bull

This bull looks very alarmed.

Princess Victoria Aged Four

Poor little princess.  Talk about overdressed!

Fox and Poultry

These chickens ain't going out without a fight!


Raise the roof, Monkey (?) Hindu Man! 


A very dignified cow.

Jaguar Pendant

Awww!  Look at the wittle jaguar!  Who's a cute jungle apex predator?  Who's a cute jungle apex predator?  You are!  (Also, a great color of jade.)


Cthulu!!!  Ia!  Ia!

The Pleasures of Rest

People being lazy!  Now that is art I can relate to!

Tui over Kauri, Te Henga


Golden Cloud


Polychrome Jar

Usually, Southwestern pottery has a very spare color palette, but this one is exuberant with color.  The bird figure is adorable.

Cow Suckling a Calf


Monday, July 23, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

The Cemetary


Railway Bridge on Loebtauer Strasse in Dresden

Color.  Color, color, color.

The Violinist Costa

It's a strange way to describe a very wonderful, very Cycladic sculpture, but the word that really springs to mind: cute.  He's just the most adorable little violinist!

Portrait of Agustin Otermin

His look of concentration and perhaps uncertainty seems to me the epitome of what an artist at work is.

Panneau (Panel)

A painting of pleasing symmetry, but also mystery. Why does one woman look away, while the other looks towards us?  What is that strange vase?  Is there meaning in the fact that the farther into the background one goes, the less symmetry there is?  Questions, but no answers, which is, of course, one thing art often does.

Ibiza Dry Dock

A reminder that all it takes is shape and color to create beauty.


Even the mundane can be beautiful when it is lovingly and masterfully crafted.

Sheep and Goat

What a pudgy, fluffy pair! 

Figure of a Cat

Fat cat is fat.

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Bourgeois Art Gallery

Portrait of Isidor Gewitsch

Even across a century of time and the medium of painting, Mr. Gewitsch's stare is arresting.  He must have been a very intense man.  Impressive facial hair, too.  

Model Sukkah

Just darling. 

Two Etrogs

Etrogs are a citron fruit traditionally eaten by Jewish people celebrating Sukkot.  Masterpieces of silversmithing.   

Starry Night

Not the one you're thinking of, but great in its own way.  The blues are wonderful.

Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster

Beautiful stone.  

New York, New Haven, and Hartford 

Is this Hopper landscape redolent of loneliness and alienation because it is, or because of my preconception of the artist's work?


I'd want that guarding me!

Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen)

The oxens' look of supreme good nature and kindliness is what draws me.  


The tiny bits of color make the whole thing pop.  

Two Swallows

Spare.  Simple.  Clean.  Beautiful.  

Three Ostriches

Stunning metalwork.  The ostriches have real personality.

Hare in the Snow


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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Ocelotl Cuauhxicalli

I just want to run my hands on the stone.

Serpiente Emplumada

Just beautifully intricate carving.


Grasshoppers kinda freak me out, but the color and artistry of this carving makes it appealing anyway.

The River Isole

The color and the light of this painting are pretty.

Sculptural Bottle of a Feline at Rest


Stirrup-Spout Vessel with Sculptural Representation of an Owl

This supremely dignified owl looks carved more than sculpted.  And the buffed red finish characteristic of Moche pottery is especially appealing.


Hello, boys!

Shinto Sculpture in the Shape of a Seated Fox

Just look at this fox.  So sly, so graceful, so mischievous. 

Pair of Guardian Animals

I wouldn't mess with a building guarded by these fellows.  

Grimani Relief



The shape is amorphous, yet mesmerizing.  

Good Luck-Pomegranates on the Table

Color, color, color.

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Friday, July 06, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Perseus Slaying Medusa

Truthfully, it's the violence of the statue that draws me to it.  Medusa's roar of pain and anger and fear, ironically frozen in stone for all time, is chilling, especially contrasted by Perseus's supreme indifference. 

Micaceous Pottery Jar

Even in a static photo, the sparkly, yet also matte, finish of the pot is arresting.

A Wet Night, Columbus Circle

Moody and misty, it's like a scene from a noir movie 40 years before they existed.

January Full Moon

One of my favorite things in winter is to go out on moonlit nights when there's snow on the ground and the sky is so clear the stars are like needles of light spearing down at your eyes to look at the world gone white, blue, and black.  Your breath steams up into the sky, like smoke from an incense burner pluming up in worship of the celestial spheres. 

Head of a Ram Pendant

Such intricate metalwork.  

Cong Tube

The design of this seems so modern, yet it's over three thousand years old.  The mottling of the jade is especially beautiful.

Figurine of a Rooster 

This rooster just makes me smile.  

Jembar Negarane, Cupet Pikirane 

I don't know what is going on, but I like it.

Artist and Model

I get a kick out of how she looks like she's going, "Are we done yet?  I have things to do."

Portrait of a Young Man

That fur looks so soft and pettable.

The Tailor

It's his face.  You can tell he works, and always has worked.  I also like the relative simplicity of his dress.  It's well-made, but not as peacocky as the noblemen in other portraits of his time, some of whom were his clients, no doubt.

Max After Surfing 

Hello there, Mr. Noir Abs!

Meeting at the Staircase

I can't help but envision intrigue and skullduggery between the two women.  Another painting that seems to cry out for a novel.  

Dog in the Bush 


Hot Wind 

A very mysterious painting.  I'm not sure what to make of it, but it certainly keeps one's attention.  The washed-out colors speak to me of heat and sand.  




Just look at those cheekbones!  That patrician hauteur!  Here was a man who didn't doubt his artistic abilities, I suspect.

Cow with Body Paint

This cow looks so sad.  Probably because they've been painted.  

Mary of Guise

The mother of Mary, Queen of Scots, and a rather ruthless regent, I think her personality shines through perfectly in this portrait.

The Parting

A whole novel could be written based on this picture, all based on a few black lines and splotches of red.

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery


I sometimes have trouble with Gauguin because I know what a fuckstick he was (and, yes, I know we're supposed to separate art from artist, but of course that doesn't always work), especially in Tahiti, but this particular painting struck me for A) it's title (I just like the word); B) the dog; C) the face of the woman on the right.  She has such a great, direct look.

Wardrobe: Die Zeit

I want this in my bedroom.  Just clean lines and structured geometry that soothes my OCD.

Polar Bear

I'd love to see this in person.  It's just big and monochrome and cute.  The bear looks like he or she is about to laugh at the onlookers.  


Look on the calves on these fellas!

Le Silence

This painting is just so mysterious.  The glories of the blue night, but the sadness of her face.  And what she doing with her hand?  It looks like she's making a very vulgar gesture, but that can't be it, can it? 

Nocturn in the Parc Royal, Brussels

As you may have noticed by now, I have a thing for night scenes.  

Laughing Kookaburra

"Millipede?  I told you to get a centipede!"

Great Sulphur-Crested Cockatoo

A happy bird.

Little Bittern

Someone looks grouchy.

Carved Emerald

The intricacy and delicacy of the carving is astounding.  

Miniature Qur'an

Such an unusual shape.  

Female Shaman Pendant

Sword Handle (Bird and Snake)

"I'm a bird!  Fear my sword!"  

Sea Lion Feast Bowl

The Wrestlers


The Black Pigs

Another Tahitian Gauguin.  It's a little different from the others I've seen.  It's more "pulled back" and realistic.


Right angles, straight lines, shapes: another OCD-calmer.  And it's a beautiful blue color, too.

Beach Triptych No. 25

Hello, boys!

The Dream

Those horses are not impressed by that lion.  

God Bless America!

Happy 4th of July!

Monday, July 02, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Portrait of a Young Man with Open Collar

He's hot.  Looks like the painting could do with a good conservation cleaning, though.

Male Nude, Kneeling, From the Back

You don't hear this much, but: that's a beautiful back! 


An almost cartoony sketch, the camels are very expressive.

Water Spaniel

Look at the curly hair!  My friend's dog looks just like that.

The Lincolnshire Ox

As impressive as the ox is, I like this painting mostly due to the rooster.  Such attitude!  

Table d'Hote at a Dogs' Home

Just the ultimate dog-lovers painting.  I love all the little vignettes contained within the painting, like the little spaniel at the very left doing a trick for the bigger dog next to it, hoping to get some food via adorableness.

Stele of Zezen-nakht

It always amazes me when paint survives from millenia ago.  The raised relief and the pigment really make the hieroglyphs pop.


This is one you really have to zoom in on to appreciate all the carving.  It has a lovely patina to it, too.

Shabti of Henut-wedjebu

Just beautifully carved.  Another piece of wood with a beautiful patina.

Still Live with Oranges

The vividness of the orange is astounding.  You can taste the juice dripping off the canvas. 

A Dutch Road

It's gloomy and depressing, at first glance.  But there's a break in the clouds ahead. And sometimes a cloudy, gloomy, gray day is more comforting than unrelenting sunshine.

Destruction of Tyre

Sheer melodrama on canvas.  It's like a still shot of one of those 1950s Biblical epics.

Sunlight on the Coast

No one did coastal scenes like Winslow Homer.  The inky blues of the wave are wonderful.

Syndics of the Amsterdam Goldsmiths Guild

Some might impressive facial hair going on here!  But what I like is how individual each man is.  They're projecting real personality.  The crouching fellow second from the right was a character, you can tell.


The statue's face is fearsome, even grotesque, but somehow beautiful as well.  And I just think the little female figure gazing up at him in adoration is darling.