Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The L Network

If anyone has Logo on their cable and ever watches it, question: could they possibly stuff more The L Word episodes into their line-up? Seriously, every time I turn the channel on, it's either on or coming up within the next hour or two. And when it's not The L Word, it's Queer As Folk (I regret watching every episode of that the first time; I'm not going to watch it again) or the same really, really bad gay movies (like this one about a guy who gets off on being electrocuted or this horrendous RuPaul thing that has the worst audio dubbing ever) over and over again. Get better programming, Logo!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Fashion Disaster

I was watching an iPod Nano commercial and a Macy's ad recently, and it hit me that I think that women's fashions in particular, at this time, are really... unfortunate. The leggings, the Palm Beach Jewish grandmother jewelry, the potato sack blouses: hideous. But then I remember back to my high school years not ten years ago, and there were some unfortunate fashions then, too. I particularly remember these nylon or whatever parachute pants in garish colors with like ribbons coming out of them, as well as these amusingly horrid bowling-type shirts (with flaming skulls!) my straight male friend used to wear. I guess every generation has to have its "OMG, what was I wearing, and how did we think that looked good?!?" moment when busting out the old photo album to show the kids they, too, were once young.

Skimpy Sunday

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Grizzly Decline

The grizzly population of Canada seems to be crashing along with the salmon stocks, but they're going to get hunted anyway. If Canada can't get bear conservation right, what chance does the US have? It's very disheartening.

(BTW, don't you think there should be a Bears for Bears foundation? Get on that, hirsute gay men!)

No, Not The Hatchet Kind!

100 Awesome Bookhacks

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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Porn Is Bad

I'm a great admirer and user of pornographic films (or, as Mr. Tony Buff [NSFW] calls them, "art films"), but I must admit that sometimes they're not so much a source of pleasure as depression. Seeing impossibly beautiful specimens of male beauty engaging in displays of raw, and even acrobatic, sex makes me feel like even more of a saggy, bloaty dweeb than I already do.

Skimpy Sunday

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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Hail To The Chief Nerd

"Take THAT, Republicans! *whoosh* That's right, bitches, the Force is with me!"

I didn't think I could love Obama any more than already, but I was
wrong. He makes being a nerd so cool! He's an inspiration to all the little nerdlings out there; finally, they too have a role model!

Fall Approaches

Like the first lines on a celebrated beauty's face, a leaf here and there begins to lose its color amidst the green, signaling the inevitable transition from vibrant summer to melancholy autumn. Technically, it is still summer, but you can feel the change as Nature slips off the vibrant prime of summer for the wise maturity of fall.

As I've said before, autumn is my favorite season, and partly it is because of this. There's something strangely beautiful in decay and melancholy, like scenic ruins from some forgotten kingdom. It's very Romantic. But there's a stateliness, a certain elegance, too. Summer is roaring and rutting, a big belly laugh; Fall is quiet and thoughtful, a secret smile.

Monday, September 14, 2009

"Hit" Me Baby

Does anyone else get annoyed when marketing for a new films or TV show or whatever that isn't even out yet say something along the lines of "the new hit [whatever]" or "XYZ Studios latest hit"? Isn't that a bit presumptuous? Even jinxy? You can't call something a hit when it hasn't even been seen yet!

Kawaii Pugs

Puggies! My Dusty used to do that handstand thing like the one at the end, too. Surprising and amusing behavior from a dog breed not exactly known for their athleticism.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Friday, September 11, 2009

Isopod Got Your Tongue?

What's even more disturbing than the simple fact that this isopod (a kind of crustacean) has replaced a fish's tongue is the look on its face. "Helloooooooooooo! May I help you? MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!" *shudder*

Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Restar... Rester... Fuck It, One Of Those Place Where You Get Food In Exchange For Money

Everyone seems to have at least one or two words that they just for the life of them can't spell. For me, "restaurant" is that word. I always try to write "resteraunt" or "restaraunt." That damned first "u"!!! Another one is "accommodate." I always write "accomodate" or something like that.

All I can say is thank Buddha for Firefox's built-in spellchecker! And I'm a good speller, too! Honest!

Cool These Are

Dagobah Frog Habitat

Personal A/C Unit

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

His Superpower Is Making Me Hot

Great Galactus! Someone get me a comic book, because I need to fan myself! I'd like to explore his Batcave! I'd let him unsheathe his adamantium claw in me any time! He could sling some web on me any day, and twice on Sundays! I want to Green Goblin him up! I'd be on him faster than Barry Allen on speed! (What I'm saying is I find him very attractive and wish to have hot, dirty, geeky sex with him.)

Ball is in your court, Sims! You need to win back your title as the Internet's Hottest Comic Book Fan!

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Let's Dance...

...put on your (eight) red shoes, and dance the blues!

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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Cold Helps Them Keep Set

Arctic Jellyfish


The treatment of Alan Turing, considered the founder of computer science as we know it and a hero of WWII (he helped crack Enigma) subsequently prosecuted for his homosexuality and forced to take hormone treatments, eventually committing suicide, is a unconscionable blight in Britain's modern history. Sign this petition calling for a public apology from the British government for their treatment of him. It isn't enough, of course, but it's something, and probably the only thing that can be done at this point.

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Every day on my way to work, I pass a big lake that is part of a state park. Unsurprisingly, given the water and the undoubtedly tasty crumbs from park visitors, a colony of Canada geese live there. One of the gaggle is instantly recognizable because he or she has a left wing that doesn't retract all the way. It looks like it broke it at some point and the bones fused. I can't imagine he or she can fly at all, but he or she's been around for at least a year, surviving at least one winter, and looks totally healthy. This makes me happy.