Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Seeing how most of my childhood involved trading quotes and acting out scenes from Clue, you can imagine my feeeeeeeeeeeeeelings about this article. In short, I am in ecstasy! It's like a whole plate of monkey's brains just for me!

(BTW, my own theory as to why Clue became such a sleeper success with my generation via home video and cable: it's a movie that works on several different levels that different age groups get to enjoy all in different ways. It's also a movie that is textured enough, due to the wonderful actors and script, that it really holds up on multiple viewings. You can find something different every time. The multiple endings work well, too, because you can have endless debates about what is the "real" one. My sister and I argued for years over if you can see Mrs. Peacock's feathery hat when Yvette is strangled.)

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Tim said...

that article was awesome, good find!