Tuesday, December 02, 2008

A Horror From Childhood

I was watching BookTV on C-SPAN2 this weekend, as is my wont, and during a Sarah Vowell event for her new book (highly recommended, BTW; it makes the Puritans hilarious) there was a question from an adolescent in the audience. At first glance, he was a perfectly ordinary young man, until I noticed something going on with his hair. And, then, I realized what I was seeing, a terrifying blast from the hoary past of the 80s, a coiffurturial war-crime they should prosecute at The Hague: a rat tail! A fucking rat tail! Please tell me those aren't coming back, because if they are, I'm going to have to start drinking.


Anonymous said...

Good for him, say I! It actually takes effort to do up & to maintain a rat tail, & his doing so indicates a healthy self-regard.

Anonymous said...

I love Sarah. Assassination Vacation actually made me interested in Lincoln for the first time. Now rat tails on the other hand bring to mind skinny mustaches, broken down camaros and homemade AC/DC tattoos. Tacky.