Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mac Ads

You know those new Mac ads? The ones with The Daily Show's John Hogeman as a "PC" and some other actor guy I've never heard of as a "Mac"? Well, I'm happy to say I'm not the only who thinks the PC comes off better than the Mac actually being advertised in those ads. John Hogeman is just so adorkable! That other guy comes across as a total dick.But I thought maybe it was just my anti-Mac cult prejudice talking; nice to have my opinions confirmed.

(Via Television Without Pity Daily Show Forum)


GayProf said...

Oh, Bourgeois Nerd, I am going to use your blog to coin a new word: Mactude. That Mac guy is so $@#! smug. I hate, hate, hate that people are being told that they will somehow be cool and better than others if they simply buy a Mac. I also hate, hate, hate Mac people who simply ingest the Mac propaganda and are smug in real life.

Wake-up, people, it's just another name for the same damn thing. I have said it before and I will say it again: Capitalist brand identification is not liberation!

Frank said...

I share your distate of Mactude (Macitude? Appletude?), GayProf. I actually have nothing against Mac and admire Apple for realizing that aesthetics could be a really good niche market. I just don't see the Mac "magic." PCs have their good and bad points and so do Macs. The Mac cultists just frustrate me and creep me out. God, if Steve Jobs so much as changes his black turtleneck, some start orgasming!