Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Maybe I'm just jaded because of basically growing up with the Internet and porn and Internet porn. Maybe I'm just a natural-born pervert. But is it just me that, when hearing rappers in songs talking about getting "freaky" or getting their "freak" on or bringing out the "freak" in a woman, thinks, "*YAWN* That's what you call freaky!"?

"Freaky" in rap (and, yes, I am conscious that I'm listening to radio rap, so perhaps I'm getting a very watered-down impression) seems to break down to such "nasty" things as doggy style, anal, threeways, and blowjobs. I'm sorry, but none of those things really strike me as "freaky." Beating off using cream cheese as lube while two woman and a transexual pee on you and your friends watch is freaky. Doing it doggy style? Not so much. Rappers have no sexual imagination, apparently. All talk and no game.

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