Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Head of a Hound

I've seen the exact same look on my dogs' face. Not sure what's going on with the ears.

A Bull

This bull looks very alarmed.

Princess Victoria Aged Four

Poor little princess.  Talk about overdressed!

Fox and Poultry

These chickens ain't going out without a fight!


Raise the roof, Monkey (?) Hindu Man! 


A very dignified cow.

Jaguar Pendant

Awww!  Look at the wittle jaguar!  Who's a cute jungle apex predator?  Who's a cute jungle apex predator?  You are!  (Also, a great color of jade.)


Cthulu!!!  Ia!  Ia!

The Pleasures of Rest

People being lazy!  Now that is art I can relate to!

Tui over Kauri, Te Henga


Golden Cloud


Polychrome Jar

Usually, Southwestern pottery has a very spare color palette, but this one is exuberant with color.  The bird figure is adorable.

Cow Suckling a Calf


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