Monday, July 23, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

The Cemetary


Railway Bridge on Loebtauer Strasse in Dresden

Color.  Color, color, color.

The Violinist Costa

It's a strange way to describe a very wonderful, very Cycladic sculpture, but the word that really springs to mind: cute.  He's just the most adorable little violinist!

Portrait of Agustin Otermin

His look of concentration and perhaps uncertainty seems to me the epitome of what an artist at work is.

Panneau (Panel)

A painting of pleasing symmetry, but also mystery. Why does one woman look away, while the other looks towards us?  What is that strange vase?  Is there meaning in the fact that the farther into the background one goes, the less symmetry there is?  Questions, but no answers, which is, of course, one thing art often does.

Ibiza Dry Dock

A reminder that all it takes is shape and color to create beauty.


Even the mundane can be beautiful when it is lovingly and masterfully crafted.

Sheep and Goat

What a pudgy, fluffy pair! 

Figure of a Cat

Fat cat is fat.

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