Thursday, August 09, 2007

Another Childhood Memory Raped On The Altar Of Hollywood's Lack Of Creativity

Johnny Quest is being adapted to the big screen. The only reasons I want to see this are a) to see the dog they get to play Bandit, b) see them try to frantically de-gay the whole flaming thing, c) see them try to come up with a way of not making Haji a completely racist and imperialist character. It'll be kinda cool to hear what they come up with in terms of adapting the iconic theme song, as well. Anyway, it'll be horrifyingly dreadful, but should good for a few laughs.


Zeke said...

or maybe they'll go the venture brothers route? or maybe just maybe they will be gay... LOL that'll never happen.

I would kill to see a venture brothers movie though

Frank said...

Yeah, Zeke, no way they'd go gay. Wouldn't want to scare the Red State-ers!

I'm not familiar with Venture Brothers. Was it a show?