Wednesday, June 13, 2007


As I've said more than once, I'm not one of those gays obsessed by straight boys or anything. I like the possibility of reciprocation in my hypothetical relationships. (Okay, okay, I had one major, major crush on a straight guy in high school. His name was Nils and he was dreamy.) Which is not to say, of course, that I don't appreciate a fine-looking man, no matter his sexuality. And, when the vast majority of men are heterosexual, it's hard to only ever lust after the homosexual ones. I simply choose to waste most of my lusting energies on men who enjoy man-on-man buggery.

But sometimes, straight guys make it so damn hard! There's this one guy I'm working with, really cool, former jock, really cute, who wears his shorts down on his hips just enough that when he lifts his shirt a little, to scratch an itch or whatever, he flashes his boxers. Now, I don't even like boxers, but this just drives me wild! He, of course, hasn't the faintest clue that what it does to me (I manage to keep my salivating under control). In a way, that makes it ever hotter.

So what unconscious little things have straight men (or women or whoever you fancy) do that drives you wild?


Chad said...

For me, I love it when a man, who is wearing a shirt that doesn't accent his build, positions or moves his arm in a way that exposes a nicely defined bicep *in spite of* the shirt's properties. For some reason, it's the fact that he doesn't show off through his clothing choices that makes it even hotter.

Bigg said...

When guys unconsciously "rearrange" their package in front of you. Especially when they're wearing relatively thin shorts, and you get a good idea of size/shape/contours... or when a guy reaches up or lifts his shirt accidentally and exposes a nice treasure trail... Yummy.
Damn, Frank. Now you got me all worked up.

Gunn said...

I work with a couple of young hispanic guys and boy do they have great asses.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you.... a shot of briefs or boxers when they lift their shirts drives me wild.

Also when I was younger the fashion was tight jeans. You could always see their packages, especially when they sat down.

I remember in Jr. High this one kid, who's name escapes me now, but he had the largest package I have ever seen even to this day. I always wanted to take PE when he did because we were all forced to take showers, but I never got to see it unwrapped. :)


Dr. Sparky said...

I hate when they kiss me.

Hubbard said...

I'm a sucker for glasses.

Frank said...

Bigg: Sorry to get you all riled up!

Onanite: What a tragedy that you never got to see it!

Dr. Sparky: *LOL*

Hubbard: I have glasses!