Sunday, February 19, 2006

Rolling In The Gutter

Okay, so I decided to sit and watch the men's figure skating long program the other night, just to see how this Johnny Weir character that's gotten so much attention did. (Unfortunately, he didn't pull it off.)

Anyway, seeing more of the men, I can safely say my belief that male figure skaters are rather homely remains unshaken. There's only one guy I found cute and he was still not my type. But the same guy, a Canadian (?) named Sawyer (?), was also incredibly flexible. He was doing things with his spins and whatnot I didn't think a man could do! Of course, all I could think to myself was, "Wow, I bet he's great in bed! Just think of the Kama Sutra things you could get up to with him! He'd totally make a great porn star bottom [he's got the whole blond twinky thing going on]. Pair him with a man like Zak Spears and it'd be hotter than hell!"

Such is the way my mind works: take the extraordinary physical abilities of an Olympic athlete, an expression of personal human achievement no doubt arrived at through great hardship and sacrifice on his part, and turn it into a filthy gay porn fantasy. And that's why you keeping come back for more, you dirty perverts! *hehehehehehe*

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