Wednesday, February 15, 2006

BN's Olympics Update

Okay, so to say that I'm less than "Olympic-ed up" would be an understatement. I've barely watched more than thirty seconds at a time since it started. I didn't even watch the opening ceremonies. I just don't much care for the winter games and I'm not ashamed to admit it is mostly due to the lack of male skin on display. It's all about the layers and bodysuits and goggles and hoods and crap in winter; I much prefer the skimpy spandex of summer. Plus, the winter Olympics is dominated by fratty blond-haired, blue-eyed Nordic sorts and they ain't generally what I go for.

Specifically, however, I don't find male figure skaters very attractive. You'd think I'd have more affinity for them, since a large percentage (though certainly not all) are flaming, if mostly closeted, 'mos. The thing is, though, that, despite the fact that they probably have smokin' bodies underneath their spandex, they all seem to be rather... plain, let's say. Frankly, most of the ones I've seen (and, admittedly, I'm not an expert) are dogs in the looks department.

So, due to my disinterest, I'll just fall back on jingoistic nationalism.

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