Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mamas, It's All YOUR Fault Your Babies Grow Up To Be Gay Cowboys

Just as you've always thought, it's all your mother's fault!

You know, whenever Dr. Phil or some other pseudo-psychologist on TV starts talking about why Johnny Devil is a totally evil little prick, it's always the mother's fault, which sets my own mother off. "Yeah, blame it all on the mother!" she says. "What about the father, huh? And what if the boy is just evil?" It just incenses her. (But she's a truly wonderful mother and all of my sister and me's problems are our own damn faults. Love ya, Mom!)

Anyway, as Richard suggests, depending on your mother and your relationship with her, you can use this information to either compliment her or make her feel guilty. Even both!

(Via Proceed At Your Own Risk)

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