Friday, February 10, 2006

Linker Or Thinker?

What kind of blogger am I: linker or thinker? My ego wants to say "both," but the truth is I'm really more of a linker. And I don't think there's anything wrong with that. I like this crazy little blog I call cyber-home. I admire those who can write long essays on important topics, and I could do that, but that's not what I really want to do.

But if I don't even want to do a "thinker" blog, then why does being a "linker" bother me a little? I suppose it's the implication that, because I'm a "linker," that I just don't have any thoughts worth putting down. It sounds like I can only point to the work of others, that I don't have the talent or the intelligence to do it myself. And there's even the slight air of condescension, a suggestion of "Well, you're not a real blogger, then, are you?" in labeling someone a "linker." I know that that attiude is grossly unfounded, but its irritating that some people might characterize linkers in that way.

So, for the record, I could so totally be a "thinker," but being a "linker" is much easier. Plus, "linkers" can be just as entertaining/informative as "thinkers." So there!

(Inspiration via a Grumpy Old Bookman post on my good friend Frank Wilson of Books Inq.)


J. Otto Pohl said...


I wouldn't worry too much about categorizing your blog. The important thing is whether it is a good form of expression for you. To be honest alot of the serious "thinker" blogs are quite boring. Sometimes I fear I bend too far towards the serious and boring in my blog.

GayProf said...

I agree with J. Otto Pohl. Why worry about the linker/thinker divide if you enjoy whatever you do with your blog.

jo(e) said...

It's funny. I am always feeling bad because I hardly ever link to any other blogs ....

I have this sense that if I were a real blogger, I would link more often.

Frank said...

JOP and gayprof: Thanks for the reassurance. And I agree with you both. My pride just got ruffled a little.

jo(e): You're definitely a "real" blogger. No need to change or feel bad.