Thursday, May 29, 2014

Love Letters

The lovely Matthew Gallaway has reviewed a collection of love letters between Christopher Isherwood and his lover Don Bachardy. Oh to be a famous artist writing witty bon mots, tender endearments, and trenchant observations to his absent lover. *sigh*


mwg1208 said...

Christopher Isherwood has been
a favorite writer since I read A
Single Man in the late 1960's. And no the film doesn't do it justice. (I like the film, but it's not by Isherwood, it's by Tom Ford) I've read everything of Isherwood and saw him live on the Dick Cavett PBS talk show. He was a pisser. Bachardy came in to his own much to Isherwood's relief. The book of drawings detailing the death of Isherwood is riveting.

Frank said...

Isherwood's one of the authors I've never gotten around to, and it makes me a bit embarrassed.