Sunday, January 12, 2014

(Expanded) Universe Contraction

Disney to prune with a lightsaber the "Expanded Universe" and streamline the bewildering array of canonicities currently at play.

As one of those nerds who loves them some EU, I'm totally sanguine about it, astonishingly. The EU is a mess, and it's needed some clearing-out for a long time. Some of it, such as the work of Karen Traviss and the Yuuzhan Vong, I'll be sad to see go, especially since the brilliant people at Del Rey (who are probably going to lose their license, BTW) who produced incredible reference works like The Essential Atlas and The Essential Guide to Warfare did yeoman's work trying to stitch it all together, but I see the need and the sense of it. I'm really curious about what will survive, though.

Also, always and forever: Kevin J. Anderson is the worst, and his work should be shot into the sun and forever forgotten.


Tim said...

i was surprised at first that they would eliminate an entire fan base but after thinking about it I agree with you, there's just too much going on and there's no way to reconcile everything and they already srayed from it during the clone wars, I see no way of keeping the comics and the books reconciled post victory.

Frank said...

Let's be honest: no one who is really into the EU isn't into the movies way, way more, and would be willing to let stuff go for the new trilogy. And the stuff doesn't just go *puff*; it still exists.