Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Sweet Pangs Of Love

Reader, I have a confession.  I've been in love for nearly a year now!  His name is James Grime!  He's British.  He's nerdy.  He's lanky.  He's ginger. His cheeky grin and bright blue eyes make me weak in the knees.  Every time I see him, I grin and sigh because he's so dreamy.

Hold your congratulations and jealousy-tantrums, though: Sadly, this is a wholly one-sided affair, doomed to eternal unrequitance.  My beloved doesn't even know I exist!  He lives in another country, and I actually have no idea if he is gay.  But, still!  He's a doctor!  A doctor of mathematics who juggles and is dedicated to outreach and public education!  *swoon*


Tim said...

speaking of which how is your love life senor? Shouldn't you be shacked up in sin already?

Frank said...


Tim said...

yousa wasting the sweet flower of youth.. yousa need man juice. yousa probably not even appreciate my JarJar Binks voice!