Monday, June 03, 2013

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Yantra Painting

The yantras and mandalas of Buddhism and Hinduism are visual meditations, but I've never seen one like this, that is quasi-representative instead of geometrical.

Ganymede and the Eagle by Bertel Thorvaldsen

Usually, Ganymede is being abducted in representations, but this is a much more innocent, even sweet, scene.  It also cleverly alludes to his future role as cupbearer to the gods.  

Casita al Mar by Emilio Sanchez

Perfect symmetry is appealing.  And this is perfect, empty symmetry.  Except it's not quite perfect.  The way the sun hits the porch creates shadows that don't mirror one another.  That subtle imperfection makes it a much more interesting painting than it otherwise would be.

Sunset on Mount Diablo (Marin Sunset) by William Keither

The vivid scarlet of a sunset is a strange thing.  In a way, it's an ominous color, the color of blood, but in actuality it is very relaxing.

Water Buffalo

I have a fascination with jade.   It's a remarkable material from a physical standpoint, strong and resilient, as well as beautiful.  It carves and polishes so well.  Just look at that happy little water buffalo.

The Accident by Willem Geets

Titles can be funny things.  I honestly thought the town was all gathered and agawp at that young man's stripping!  But, no, he's being a hero and rescuing someone else.  Strange, though, that we don't see the accident.  Or the accident victim.  I think Willem might have just wanted to show a stripping, strapping young man, really. 

Pair of Skyscraper Bookcases by Paul Theodore Frankl

Oh to have bookcases like that!  (The eternal lament of the bibliophile.) 

Sun on Prospect Street (Gloucester, Mass.) by Edward Hopper

I'm not sure what it says about me that I don't typically react to Hopper the way most seem to.  They see alienation, cynicism, the hollowness of modern life.  I see beauty.  Stark beauty, melancholy beauty, but beauty, and even hope.

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