Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Appreciation

I am not as politically active as I perhaps should be. Many, many people have made many, many brave, courageous sacrifices in the cause of civil rights. Some because they had no choice, and some because they simply could not stand the world they lived in any longer and worked to change it. Many have and do pay with their lives for such courage. I have been fortunate in my relatively trouble-free, comfortable life to reap the benefits of their determination, and mostly cheered from the sidelines as they continue. I could do more; I should do more. It is my shame that I don't.

But I just want to say, even if it's just in this inconsequential blog post, that I admire those people. I love those people. I wish I had their strength and determination. I am with them in spirit, if often too lazy in practice. Thank you to all, past, present, and future, who fight for love, for respect, for equality, for humanity, for not just gay rights but all rights. If too often their opponents show the worst of us, they show the best, especially because they are not (always) perfect and their opponents are not (always) devils. 
These good wishes don't particularly mean much, but it's what I feel compelled to share right now.  It is almost quite literally the least I could do.


Tim said...

it's a well written thank you at least!

Frank said...

Thanks, Tim. And, ironically, it's one of those things I didn't spend a huge amount of time working on. It just came out.