Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

And we come to the end of Bourgeois Art Gallery for the time being.  Thank you for visiting, and please feel free to explore the museums at your leisure now that the tour is over.

Rolling Pin

It's too pretty to roll dough or hit someone!

Shawabti of the Lady of the House Sati

Just beautifully colored figure.

Giraffe Head


King Before an Ichneumon

"Why is that Egyptian guy standing in front of a giant, fat beaver?"  That's what I thought on first sight, anyway.  But, no, it's not a beaver (which are native to North America anyway), it's a mongoose.  Apparently, it's a form of the sun god that battles with the serpent of evil.

Mariners Bowl

Fantastic glass cutting. 



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