Monday, July 16, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Portrait of Isidor Gewitsch

Even across a century of time and the medium of painting, Mr. Gewitsch's stare is arresting.  He must have been a very intense man.  Impressive facial hair, too.  

Model Sukkah

Just darling. 

Two Etrogs

Etrogs are a citron fruit traditionally eaten by Jewish people celebrating Sukkot.  Masterpieces of silversmithing.   

Starry Night

Not the one you're thinking of, but great in its own way.  The blues are wonderful.

Venus Reclining on a Sea Monster

Beautiful stone.  

New York, New Haven, and Hartford 

Is this Hopper landscape redolent of loneliness and alienation because it is, or because of my preconception of the artist's work?


I'd want that guarding me!

Christmas Night (The Blessing of the Oxen)

The oxens' look of supreme good nature and kindliness is what draws me.  


The tiny bits of color make the whole thing pop.  

Two Swallows

Spare.  Simple.  Clean.  Beautiful.  

Three Ostriches

Stunning metalwork.  The ostriches have real personality.

Hare in the Snow


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