Thursday, July 12, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Ocelotl Cuauhxicalli

I just want to run my hands on the stone.

Serpiente Emplumada

Just beautifully intricate carving.


Grasshoppers kinda freak me out, but the color and artistry of this carving makes it appealing anyway.

The River Isole

The color and the light of this painting are pretty.

Sculptural Bottle of a Feline at Rest


Stirrup-Spout Vessel with Sculptural Representation of an Owl

This supremely dignified owl looks carved more than sculpted.  And the buffed red finish characteristic of Moche pottery is especially appealing.


Hello, boys!

Shinto Sculpture in the Shape of a Seated Fox

Just look at this fox.  So sly, so graceful, so mischievous. 

Pair of Guardian Animals

I wouldn't mess with a building guarded by these fellows.  

Grimani Relief



The shape is amorphous, yet mesmerizing.  

Good Luck-Pomegranates on the Table

Color, color, color.


Tim said...

Realy been enjoying your museum find posts.

Frank said...

Yeah, I thought I'd class the joint up a bit.

Tim said...

haha I've wasted a fair amount of work time lately perusing these galleries

Frank said...

Still a few more to go!