Monday, July 02, 2012

Bourgeois Art Gallery

Portrait of a Young Man with Open Collar

He's hot.  Looks like the painting could do with a good conservation cleaning, though.

Male Nude, Kneeling, From the Back

You don't hear this much, but: that's a beautiful back! 


An almost cartoony sketch, the camels are very expressive.

Water Spaniel

Look at the curly hair!  My friend's dog looks just like that.

The Lincolnshire Ox

As impressive as the ox is, I like this painting mostly due to the rooster.  Such attitude!  

Table d'Hote at a Dogs' Home

Just the ultimate dog-lovers painting.  I love all the little vignettes contained within the painting, like the little spaniel at the very left doing a trick for the bigger dog next to it, hoping to get some food via adorableness.

Stele of Zezen-nakht

It always amazes me when paint survives from millenia ago.  The raised relief and the pigment really make the hieroglyphs pop.


This is one you really have to zoom in on to appreciate all the carving.  It has a lovely patina to it, too.

Shabti of Henut-wedjebu

Just beautifully carved.  Another piece of wood with a beautiful patina.

Still Live with Oranges

The vividness of the orange is astounding.  You can taste the juice dripping off the canvas. 

A Dutch Road

It's gloomy and depressing, at first glance.  But there's a break in the clouds ahead. And sometimes a cloudy, gloomy, gray day is more comforting than unrelenting sunshine.

Destruction of Tyre

Sheer melodrama on canvas.  It's like a still shot of one of those 1950s Biblical epics.

Sunlight on the Coast

No one did coastal scenes like Winslow Homer.  The inky blues of the wave are wonderful.

Syndics of the Amsterdam Goldsmiths Guild

Some might impressive facial hair going on here!  But what I like is how individual each man is.  They're projecting real personality.  The crouching fellow second from the right was a character, you can tell.


The statue's face is fearsome, even grotesque, but somehow beautiful as well.  And I just think the little female figure gazing up at him in adoration is darling.

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