Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Ancient Aliens

My typical reaction to watching fifteen minutes (my upper limit) of Ancient Aliens is a random series of jaw-droppings, eyebrow-raisings, and eye-poppings.  Thankfully, someone else has managed to pretty much sum it up, in coherent (and hilarious) form


arte( said...

A few weeks ago, a friend put me on to this show. We were playing a game online and talking about 21-12-12, and what might happen that day. I jokingly said that I want aliens to arrive (preferably not because we're food). He told me about the series because he believes in that stuff.

I watched part of one episode. My biggest impression was the show's slick production values. And I do remember Giorgio Tsoukalos -- mentioned in the post at that link -- because he came across as unequivocal about everything.

Frank said...

Yeah, for complete nonsense, and basic cable filler, it's quite well-produced.