Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nerd Vs. Weird

One can be a nerd and not be weird. True. And there is definitely a lot more space in the culture for "nerdy" pursuits and interests. But... it's hard not to detect a whiff of "These (nerd) kids today have it so easy! In my day....!" I hate that, because wearing your isolation or schoolyard abuse as a badge of honor is just creepy, man. It's a good thing that society has opened up to nerdiness and geekitude! I don't want others to suffer what I did! I also sometimes think people exaggerate how "cool" it is to be a "nerd" now. I suspect it's not quite as sunshine and roses as some like to imagine. Just because it's okay now to own a "lightsaber" doesn't mean the guys who wear stormtrooper outfits to cons are suddenly the "jocks."

(Via Andrew Sullivan)

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