Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Sexy Nerd

You don't need Grindr, you need Nerdfinder to find a Sexy Nerd!

(Via Towleroad)Link


tamayn said...

I really want to like this video because Johnny McGovern is hilarious, but I really hate this idea of a sexy nerd. It's like when they make a woman hollywood ugly by messing up her hair, putting on only foundation, and put a pair of glasses on her.

I'm conflicted at best, and disappointed at worse.

Frank said...

Quite so. Still, I'd rather there be the "sexy nerd" as a "thing" than not. It lets me delude myself that I am one.

tamayn said...

That's the thing though. There are real sexy nerds, but the guys in the Johnny McGovern video just make those who are actually sexy nerds feel inadequate.