Tuesday, August 09, 2011


Some naughty, naughty librarian must have shelved this one!


slyder said...

Dude, you think us librarians are goody-two-shoes? Drop that notion fast! That 60-something librarian in the long skirt and hair in a bun sitting at the reader services desk is absolutely shockproof!

In the mid-1970s I recall some of Mapplethorpe's most shocking photos in a magazine on public library shelves. A book like the one you show us was PG then and is now. Trust me, Frank, a visit to your local library would likely shock you down to your socks if you think that picture book is too much for a public library. In prose, poetry, and copies of photos and paintings there is graphic gay, straight, and any other kind of sex you can imagine, and some you can't. There certainly are these things at my library somewhere in flyover country.

As a member of the library profession and as a regular reader of your blog, I take issue with your outdated and Puritanical ideas of what a librarian is! I demand an apology!

Frank said...

A million apologies, slyder! Librarians are dirty, dirty whores, of course.

slyder said...

Sigh.....Frank, Frank, what shall we do with you? I have never known a librarian who did anything for money, except our meager wages. A rich librarian is an oxymoron. How can we be whores? Neither are we dirty-minded sluts. (Although with a roomful of drunk librarians you never know what might happen!)You must be listening to Rush, Fox, and folks of the teabagging ilk who think we are a bunch of pinko commies who like all public employees feed at the public trough and are lazy.

We merely believe in the freedom of information. Most of us are ACLU-types who everyday wage war against ignorance, censorship, and smallmindedness. According to the Bush II administration we are "radical militant librarians" because we fought the Patriot Act's providision that we give up, without a warrant, information as to what books people check out. We believe in your right to know! And in your right to read and view what you want! And that the government has no right to look over your shoulder!