Tuesday, June 07, 2011

X-Traordinarily Influential Cartoons

So I've been revisiting my cartoon-watching youth with DVDs of the 1990s X-Men cartoon. Definitely brings back memories. A few random observations:

I have the uncomfortable feeling that a great deal of my future sexuality was shaped by this show. A weakness for hairy, brawny men? A love of hot gingers? A thing for abs? A fetish for erudite, jocular blue-furred scientists? (Well, maybe that last one isn't actually a thing.) My taste in men may very well be directly attributable to a Saturday morning cartoon! In fact, I best this show totally sculpted a whole generation of gay boys' taste in men.

My GOD, is this show 90s! The hair! The clothes! Seriously, who the hell came up with those looks? Pink body armor? Jean Gray's "Hey, look at my vagina!" outfit? Storm's absolutely enormous hair? Bishop's mullet? And though it's become somewhat iconic, one does want to ask just what about yellow and blue screams "wolverine." (BTW, I'm sure this has been done in some comic somewhere at some point, because it's just such a neat idea, but one does have to wonder just who designs and sews all those superhero/villain costumes. Even the newest super-person seems to come on the scene already complete with snazzy outfit. Either superpowers come prepackaged with a talent for sewing, or there's a shop somewhere where they can go buy couture crime-fighting/supervillany ensembles. I picture Tim Gunn or someone taking an inside leg and asking, "So, Incredible Boob Woman, I'm thinking chartreuse and coral in a toile spandex. Oh, and I have one word for you: clamdiggers!")

As a kid, I actually liked Jubilee, a very, very unpopular opinion I've since found out. But, you know, I'm the same guy who loves the Ewoks and whose favorite Star Trek: The Next Generation character was Wesley, so I'm no stranger to unpopular opinions.

I'm vaguely, but not really, embarrassed to recall just how many times I would run around my house shouting, "I. Am. PHOENIX!111!!!"

Storm was and is my favorite. Such a badass, but in a quiet, dignified way, as befits a goddess. I just loved her voice, and the way she'd say stuff like "A rainstorm, to cool their hatred!" when she'd manipulate the weather.


erik said...

That used to be my favorite cartoon. I never had anything against Jubilee, but I did find her shorts-and-raincoat combination a bit puzzling.

Frank said...

It was SO 90s. Very Beverly Hills 90210.

midwest said...

You know, I never put two and two together, but it may have shaped my view of men as well. Otherwise, why would I so easily be able to picture Gambit in my head right now?

Frank said...

Purple body armor IS hot. *LOL*

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else as disgusted with the new movie as I am??

Frank said...

I haven't seen it, yet, Anonymous. I've heard good things about it, though. But really I'm all about Captain America this summer. Can't wait to see Chris Evans knock out some Nazis!