Monday, June 06, 2011

Startling New Theory: Gold Is Just Something Leprechauns Shit Off The Edge of Rainbows!

So no one knows exactly where gold comes from. Its creation in supernovae and subsequent ejection into the interstellar medium, where it, along with all other naturally occurring elements, condense in areas with slightly-higher-than-average gravitational attraction relative to the rest of a particular nebula into stars and protoplanetary discs and then coalesce into planets with geology that concentrates certain elements in certain places, is just a theory. I mean, it's not based on exhaustive research in nuclear physics, astronomy, chemistry, geology, and metallurgy or anything, just something scientists made up to sound smart, making it as valid as any other so-called "theory." It could just as easily be the exhaust from Ra's solar barque, or petrified lion's fur, or Chthulu's snot! Who can really say? Certainly not infographic writers on financial websites talking about inflation-hedges!

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