Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Randy Roman Coinage

Ancient Roman coins with sex scenes on them! Gives new meaning to the term "loose change," doesn't it?

(Via The Awl)


FrankLeeMyDear said...

10 cents a dance?

Looks like life was way different in Roman times.

The last photo that shows a lot of coins. Wonder what the coin in the upper right-hand corner was for? An erection with wings. I'm going have to think on what this could buy!

This article was interesting. Thanks for posting.

Frank said...

I don't know what it would die, but I do know that the winged phallus is actually an sign of good luck in ancient Rome.

slyder said...

Romans hung bronze phalluses in gardens and orchards for fertility. Greek actors wore giant leather phalluses when playing in comic plays. We are such Puritans today and so easily shocked by the everyday things like a penis. I always have mine with me wherever I go! What's the big deal?