Thursday, May 05, 2011

Good War Doggie!

So apparently the Navy SEALs have dogs who jump out of planes, wear armor, and go on secret missions. Meanwhile, my dog is scared of the wind.

(Via Andrew Sullivan)


slyder said...

Your poor pup! Probably had a bad encounter with a bike. Such dogs are scared of my wheelchair if I am moving when they meet me. If I am sitting still I can get them to come over to me. A friend said I must be a good "therapist" because I cured his dog of his fear of bicycles. All I did was speak softly and make sure I did not roll over feet. He got used to me when I'd visit. Now his dog loves to run beside him when he bikes short distances.

slyder said...

Frank, pull that comment. I misread it. I need new glasses. Jeez!