Thursday, February 04, 2010

Another Reason George Lucas Sucks

The prequels weren't just bad, they were immoral.

Lucas has said that his conception of the whole Star Wars saga is as a "Greek tragedy" where the great hero (though you kinda have to take his word for it that Anakin is such) falls into darkness but then is redeemed. Which is all a bunch of post hoc bullshit, because the original trilogy was about Luke's journey, of which his father was only a part of. But, anyway, if he wanted to convince us via the prequel trilogy, he should have made us really feel the tragedy of his fall. To do that, though, you have to make him more than a petulant, and utterly stupid, brat, which Lucas didn’t bother to do in lieu of more Jar Jar.

But, and I've touched on this before, the moral underpinnings of the prequels are kinda fucked up. I mean, he made the “good guys,” the Jedi, a bunch of dicks.

I admit that I never really considered just how odd it is that a sadistic, mass-murdering cyborg is ultimately redeemed by not-killing his son. Killing the Emperor, literally rejecting him, for the love of his son is a good first step, but it's like he did a Force-leap from there straight to hanging out with Obi Wan and Yoda in glowy Force heaven. Whatever, I guess. I think it was more a feel-good thing he threw in at the end than anything else. I mean, at heart this was geared towards kids (big and small), so we can't have a sad ending, according to Hollywood.

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