Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Today In Word Nerdery

Make your baked goods font-licious with Helvetica cookie cutters!

Polyamory is wrong!
Mixed Latin and Greek roots are an abomination unto the Lord! I blame gay marriage.

(Via Bookninja; Joe. My. God.)

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slyder said...

Oh, Frank! Please post no more such obscene blasphemies on your blog. Mixing Latin and Greek roots is among the most shocking abominations of which I can imagine. It is a veritable crime against the language! A sin to be deplored by the hundreds of millions who speak the English tongue. I hear a thousand years of dead English speakers turning over in their graves! I may swoon at the mere thought. Oh, dear....the brandy please! No, too late! Quick, the smelling salts. Oh....oh...