Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Sci-Fi Confessions

I don't think Dune is really all that good a book.

I like the Ewoks, and have no problem believing they beat the Empire. First, it was one battle, on their home terrain, with the element of surprise. Second, they did have some Rebel help. Third, there was a big space battle going on overhead, with the Emperor and Darth Vader busy with Luke. If the Empire been able to pay attention, the Ewoks would totally have been toast, but as it is, it's really not all that mind-boggling that they beat them. And, I'm sorry, I think they're cute.

I really don't think David Tennant was all that great a Doctor. Frankly, I found him irritating, twee, and ticky.

Even weeks after the fact, I still feel betrayed and bewildered about the Battlestar Galactica finale. Why, Ronald D. Moore, whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?!?


CB said...

I have never read Dune or watched any of the films.

I love the Ewoks. I had the plastic toy village and a stuffed Wicket when I was little.

I love the Doctor Who revival, but when Tennant replaced Chris Eccelston I wasn't happy. It took me a while to enjoy Tennant as the Doctor, but now I think he's great. I'm not sad to see him go, though. I also don't think Matt Smith is going to be OMG THE WORSTEST DOKTORZ EVAR!!! He's young but immensely odd (read: good looking). I like it. There's something far less pop-tastic about him than Tennant.

RTD is probably the laziest writer ever, and yet when it comes to British TV he's not only one of the most prolific, but also successful. WTF is up with that? He's a genuine nerd, I'll give him that.

I haven't seen a single episode of the Battlestar Galactica remake. I was saving it for when the eventual lull in sci-fi TV hit, but that lull still hasn't come.

Hmm. A few humiliating sci-fi confessions.

I love John Barrowman's bad acting.

I own Dark Angel on DVD.

I really liked 7 of 9's addition to the Voyager cast.

In elementary school, when I imagined myself as a member of the 1701-D crew, it was as Wesley Crusher. :(

I also imagined myself as Lucas Wolenczak from seaQuest DSV, though I'm far less embarrassed about that. :D

I've seen all of Cleopatra 2525, uh, let's just say more than once.

Anyway! Have you seen Star Trek yet?

Frank said...

The odd thing is, I've read all the Dune books, even the sequels by his son and Kevin J. Anderson, and watched the movies. I just don't think any of them are really that good, even the first one that everyone else thinks is great.

I had a stuffed Wicket that I adored. Unfortunately, my dear, departed Dusty went through puberty and... well, let's just say we had to throw poor Wicket out.

I, personally, think Christopher Eccleston was the better Doctor. He was a bit more restrained than Tennant, a bit more adult, but still silly and goofy enough to do the campy stuff. I have no real opinion, yet, about the new guy.

John Barrowman really isn't a great actor, is he? Actually, it's not even that, it's that he's very, VERY much a STAGE actor. On TV, and playing a ham like Jack, it can be a bit... much at times. Still, you're right, there's still something lovable about it.

I loved 7 of 9. Jeri Ryan did a kickass job. I just wish they'd tried to give some of the other characters the same attention they gave Seven. Towards the end, it was all Seven and the Doctor, who are both great, but it got to be a bit much. Meanwhile, everyone else, especially Janeway, was a schizo mess.

I totally wanted to be Wesley, too. It all has to do with age, I think; we were, like, five when TNG came on.

CB said...

Get out of my head!!! :P

Ah, twin-ness.

Voyager did become the Seven/Doctor show towards the end. I think that's why the fandom loved to hate her so much. I just thought she was pretty, and stoic and awesome and ... and ... pretty. :D When the Doctor gave her singing lessons I about died of happiness.

Chris Eccelston was my Doctor. He'll always be my Doctor, even though my technical first Doctor was Peter Davidson on PBS reruns. I enjoyed his adventures with Rose, and then Tennant came along and they kind of ruined Rose as a Companion. I really did like Tennant in series four with Donna Noble, though. They worked well together, except in the previous Christmas Invasion.

John Barrowman does suffer from stage acting. It worked well in his episodes of Doctor Who with Chris Eccelston, because, well, Eccelston can act and it served as a nice counter balance. But on Torchwood it's so glaringly obvious. He even turns his body sometimes in a way that's meant entirely for the stage. Not to mention how he delivers his lines. :\ Whatever. I love it. He loves it! I think that's why it's easy to love him.

As for Wesley, it was definitely all about the age, and his genius, for me. I tended to hang on to the characters with the most touted intellect.

Yay! Nerds! lol

slyder said...

Yeah, Dune doesn't quite hold together. The TV miniseries with William Hurt was excellent and captured the spirit of the book very well. I find some of Dune's themes compelling: ecology, the persistance of royalty into the far future, folding space, the concubine mother of the Atreides heir, and the son revenging the father. I just read a number of anciet Greek plays on the family of Atreus and find that Herbert draws much inspiration from them. Along with Islamic monotheism and the then-budding science of sustainability. BTW, I am totally in love with John Barrowman!

Frank said...

Slyder: One of the reasons I don't think Dune is actually that good is precisely because I don't think the thing its most lauded for, its ecology, really is all that good.

Gunn said...

Eek. I can't read all of this since I'm behind on Battlestar, only part of the way through series 4.

But, yes: I also loved the Ewoks and I'm not ashamed.