Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Music Confessions

Take away my gay card, because I'm just totally over Madonna's nonsense.

I actually like Fergie. Her songs are stupid, but they're just pop, and pop is kinda stupid by definition. I think she can sing, though, and anyone who can overcome a meth addiction, snag Josh Duhamel, and maintain an outrageously ripped body (I want her abs) deserves some respect. Plus, she's Stacy from Kids, Inc.!

Mariah Carey can't sing. She can caterwaul, but she can't sing.

I don't actually think Beyonce is very attractive.

Why did the women of the 1960s go insane for The Beatles as sex symbols? Dudes were ugly!


Anonymous said...

I always thought George Harrison was kinda cute.

Anonymous said...

Perceptions of beauty change according to the times.

I agree, George was cute.