Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I Prefer To Be Called A TREKKER, If You Please! *Adjusts Pocket Protector, Coke-Bottle Glasses With Tape In Middle*

Trekkies bash new film as "fun, watchable."

I admit to being enough of a fanboy (though really more of TNG and "modern" Trek than the Original Series) to have been very, very leery of this new movie. I don't like prequels in general anyway (I mean, WE KNOW WHAT HAPPENS ALREADY), and we not that long ago lived through the disaster that was Enterprise, so another trip to the "past," where everything looks a few centuries more advanced than it did forty years ago and mini-skirts have made a surprising comeback, so I was not all that keen to see this movie. But the more I've seen and heard, the better it's looked, and now I'm actually not only planning to see it, but kinda looking forward to it. (It doesn't hurt that there are actually a lot of cute guys in it. Trek hasn't always been overfilled with the mancandy, you know. I mean, Riker? Data? Please.)


CB said...

I honestly don't care if the film turns out to be just a bunch of hot guys setting their phasers to stun(ning). It could be The Covenant in space and I'll still love it, goddamn it, because the cast is fantastic and I miss Trek with all my heart.

I'm actually really freaking excited.

But ... I've always been more of a Trekker than a Star Wars nerd. And as a fangirl I reserve the right to like a movie based entirely off of three key elements:

1) Hot Actors
2) In Science Fiction
3) With Homoerotic Subtext

Star Wars took itself too seriously with the prequels. Trek looks like it's taking itself just seriously enough. It's not above being another sci-fi action thriller, but it's smart enough to cast well.

Here's to hoping!

Tim said...

trek has the stronger franchise history but more whoring. still the movie looks very promising and I'm going to watch it this weekend.

Hope you like it

Tim said...

Did you see this yet? and if you did did the destruction of the franchise history bother you?

Frank said...

Tim: No, I haven't seen it yet. Probably this weekend. I've heard some things, but I'm not all that bothered; parallel universes and all. I'm more concerned that some of the "science" sounds... implausible.

Tim said...

well the red matter wasn't too much of a stretch, and the weapons were okay. and no one really knows what happens in a black hole anyway...
also who could really say how a microwave works? #familyguy