Monday, April 06, 2009

I Hope They Smell Better On The Inside Than The Original!

Stay toasty out on the chilly glaciers of Hoth with this Tauntaun sleeping bag, complete with lightsaber and innards!

Seriously, though, is that not the geekily coolest thing ever? And the little kid in the Hoth get-up? Adorable! It was an April Fool's joke, but I'll bet you a pound of glitterstim it's a real product by the end of the year.


Tim said...

omg I would have killed to have one as a kid!

Frank said...

I know, right? I'd kill to have it NOW! Really, though, there's all kinds of nifty Star Wars stuff out now that would have made young-me swoon. It's probably that the people who grew up on Star Wars are now grown up and have, like, money, and their geekery has been honed so that just any cheap-o plastic thing like we had back in the day just doesn't cut it.