Sunday, November 18, 2007

Wedding Report

My sister's wedding was a rousing success. Everyone looked great and it all went smoothly and everyone had fun. My highlight was watching all the drunk people; I don't drink, but I do enjoy watching others make fools of themselves.

I felt bad, though, that I don't like to dance more, since everyone was having so much fun on the dance floor. Though I danced a little, overall I'm a disgrace to my fellow dancing queens. I'm just too white-boy/self-conscious to really enjoy it, so I just sat down mostly.

Lots of picture-taking, so if I get some good ones of me and my Prada glasses, I'll share them.

It was also nice to see the couples dancing. It was so sweet and romantic and heartwarming. Made me a little wistful for someone to dance with of my own.

So all the wedding crap is finally done and my sister's off to a good start to her married life and things can find their new normality.


Signalite said...

Yesh, pictures please!

Hubbard said...


Glad the wedding went well. Don't worry about not dancing--just have a good time. Better yet, take pictures of the sloshed and post!

Brooke said...

I second Hubbard. Pictures of drunks are always good for a chuckle.

Brooke said...

..or to blackmail your relatives if need be. *evil grin*