Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Oh NO He Didn't!

Some British tosser is insulting BookTV (i.e. my nerd crack)! What tosh! Yeah, it's not for everyone, and, yes, a lot of it is boring stuff, but it's an absolutely unique and necessary public resource. I'd like to see him do better with just the dribs and drabs the cable and satellite companies give them! It's a public service, not a slick, advertiser subsidized. So piss off, ya wanker, I say!

(Via Bookninja)


scott said...

Ummm, when did you become a Brit? Are you channeling Madonna or just watching too much Gordon Ramsey on your parent's tee vee?

Frank said...

Well, I AM a huge Anglophile, and do love me some Kitchen Nightmares, Scott, but, no, it was a literary conceit to use the Britishisms, since the post was from a Guardian blog.