Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm Officially A Label Queen

In anticipation of my sister's wedding on Saturday, in which I am a groomsman, I went to get a new pair of glasses today. The pair I had I've never really liked, and the left lens has a big crack in it, so I thought for the sake of all the pictures I'd get new ones. Not yet having insurance from my new job, I just went to LensCrafters to get new frames and lenses, forgoing the eye exam until I'm covered.

A few hours later, and several hundred dollars poorer, I am the proud owner of some faaaaaaaaaaabulous Prada glasses. I look so friggin hot, I can barely stand it! I guess I'm a Prada queen, now. Watch out!


Gunn said...

So where's our picture then, you little tease?

Frank said...

Oh, Gunn! *hehehe* Actually, I should be getting some pictures tomorrow at my sister's wedding. If I get some digitally, I'll share them.