Monday, November 05, 2007

Healthy Choice

For years and years, I thought the little Healthy Choice logo was a woman in an evening gown, which I never quite got the significance of healthy TV dinners to. It's only fairly recently that I figured out it's actually a jogger (which makes a hell of a lot more sense). In my defense, the way the logo used to be, the legs sort of melded together and it looked at least a little like a woman in a flowing/billowy sort of gown as she goes up some stairs or something. The logo now has the legs much farther apart so that its obvious that it's a jogger.

What stuff did you always thought you knew, but it turned out you were completely wrong and look back in embarrassment that you never got it? Share, please, so I don't feel such a fool about the jogger thing!


Tim said...

i'm the worst with song lyrics, i constantly get them wrong while trying to sing out loud with them.

other than that i'm just about perfect

Frank said...

*LOL* Yes, Tim, you're PERFECTLY perfect!

GayProf said...

For most of my childhood, I didn't see the U.S. postal service logo as an eagle. It looked like some abstracted image to me. When it finally clicked, I felt silly.

As an aside, Healthy Choice should have a woman in an evening gown! Who says lower calories can't be glamorous?