Monday, October 15, 2007

Reason # 35621-A While I'm Just Going To Be A Loser And Never Move Out Of My Parents'

Moving stuff is a pain in the ass!

We're redoing my room this week, and, even though I'm not doing most of the painting and stuff, I've still had to move all my crap, and it is not fun. And all the cleaning and sanding and crap sucks, too. So unless I find a big, burly butch gay with lots of big, burly friends who will do all that kind of stuff, I'm just going to stay in my old room.

(You can start yelling and/or shaking your head in disgust at me...... now,


Gunn said...

Tell me about it. My stuff is all piled up a few feet away and the movers will be here in an hour or so.
Maybe one of em will be handsome and burly....

Frank said...

Hope you found your big, burly mover, Gunn!