Monday, October 22, 2007

I'm Not As Cynical As I Thought

Some people think the "Dumbledore is gay!" thing was some sort of "stir up controversy to get sales up!" ploy. I totally don't. I mean, why would she bother at this point? And from the reports I read, it just didn't seem this came out in any way other than a "Oh, I always thought he was gay" way. Plus, JK Rowling has never struck me as a particularly contrived sort of person who would or could go along with such a ploy. But maybe I just haven't gotten rid of enough of my shiny-happy idealism in favor of hard-bitten cynicism yet.

The funniest reaction to the news, though is this:


(Via ICanHazCheezeburger)

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Tim said...

The series is done and people are still freaking out. I hope one day that people can stop thinking of fiction as real...