Saturday, October 20, 2007


I went to Ikea for the first time today (my sister bought me some new bookshelves for my birthday). Wow! I was totally blown away; everything was just so sleek and sexy and Scandinavian! It made me want to move out and create a minimalist Ikea house.

Also, I now know where to go to cruise! I saw at least three gay couples, and one or two singletons, walking about. I was with my sister, mother, and grandmother, so I couldn't really go up to them all, "Hey, you guys want a threeway?" though. Still, good to know.

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scott said...

When and if you ever move out of your parent's house try to resist the urge to create an Ikea environment wherever you live. The problem, and I've seen it with people who got carried away there, is that more than one or two pieces of Ikea furniture in a room makes it clear to anyone visiting where you shopped. Plus, it screams cheap and not as in inexpensive but as in cheaply made and cheap skate.