Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Plead Guilty...

...to being one of those lonely gays in front of their computers who, along with those infernal straight people and their Borg-like need to assimilate what we gentrify and then kick us out of it, are killing the gayborhoods.

I mean, it's good that at least in some parts of the country we don't feel like we have to huddle together for warmth and protection anymore, but is it GOOD in a larger sense? I don't know. Even someone as atomistically hermitic as myself likes the idea that there's an area of major US cities that I can go and be among my homosexual brethren and sistren. I don't want to see and gays and lesbians just become invisible again, this time by total homogenization and assimilation into the mainstream, leaving behind all that is fabulous to be just like the straights (except liking dick/pussy) so they'll like us, diluted into the rest of society like a drop of a fabulous cobalt blue dye into ten gallons of water. Yeah, the blue's still there, but if you can't detect it without advanced optical or chemical equipment, it's just lost.

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