Thursday, August 16, 2007

The Tragedies Of My Life

Know how I'm always complaining I don't have a job? Well, I got a job offer this week, and, OF COURSE, I don't want it. It's technical writing and would involve learning all kinds of engineering crap, and I just don't think it's my thing. But it's $15/hr, benefits, a good commute, etc. And I hate the temporary job I have now at a college bookstore soooooooooooooo much; seriously, it depresses me to go in there.

Damnit, though, I want to do something I WANT to do! I already know what it's like to work somewhere just for the sake of working at all: not fun. And, yes, I know it's very entitled, middle-class-white-boy-with-incredibly-wonderful-parents of me to care about "being happy" and "doing what I want" and that most people in the world haven't that luxury, but I am an entitled middle class white boy with incredibly wonderful parents, so nah! *hehehehe*

Seriously, though, why can't I find somewhere I want to work that'll give me a job and not send me into fits of nervous anxiety trying to figure out whether to take it or not? Do I take this job and do something I know I don't really want to do (best case scenario, finding once I'm there that I actually do like it), or do I keep looking, as I've done for over two years with little success? *sigh* I sometimes think I was just not born to be happy or content.


truth and lies said...

Preaching to the choir. You've pretty much echoed my situation. Left a job that I hated - am now at a new job but I'm not happy there.

I don't believe I've ever had a day where I woke up wanting to go to work. And the scary thought is that I might never.

Zeke said...

well since you don't mention or possibly don't know what you want to do it's hard to advise. however my advice is always go for more money and more technical. the networking opportunities are invaluable.

and the bonus is that you don't work in a college bookstore...

Haley Walsh said...

I know. I know. I had my dream career once. Or so I thought. Later in life I decided I really did want to turn my writing hobby into my career. And that only took fourteen years! My first novel will be published next year. In the meantime, I had some pretty crap jobs (still currently in one. Can't ditch the day job just yet.) Not fun in middle age.

Dream big...and then go for it!