Sunday, August 19, 2007

Skimpy Sundays

(Via The Great Cock Hunt [NSFW]; Bill in Exile)


CB said...

There is something about the second guy's super-creepy-huge abs that makes me think an alien is going to pop out from between the uneven bulges. (AKA: Where's Ripley when you need her?)

His face is cute, though. He reminds me very slightly of Simon Tam from Firefly/Serenity. You know, except for the Alien-abs.


Frank said...

Cindy: Yeah, those abs are creepy. I was thinking he looked more like the guy who played Brian on Queer As Folk, but there was a hint of someone else I couldn't place, and it might have been Simon Tam.

Rent Party said...

OK, good, creepy, this gives me an alibi. We were just this evening discussing how we might get back our 8-packs. Now, maybe not.

Frank said...

Rent Party: Yeah, they're rather discouraging to those of us with less-than-perfect abs.