Monday, August 06, 2007

Nerds And Geeks Of The World, Unite!

This post of the Sheep's, inspired me to commit this manifesto to "paper" (warning: waaaaay too many exclamation points ahead):

People say "nerd" like it's a bad thing! Nerdery and geekery is an ancient and incredibly important part of human society! From time immemorial, there have been those among us who are more interested in gadgets or the minutiae of popular entertainment than in the quotidian. We've contributed to art, science, literature, drama, technology, and every other beautiful and beneficial human venture, in addition to other, more idiosyncratic fields that, though not world-shattering, add color to the palette of human existence.

Yet, for too long we have felt shame at the hands of the ignorant, the bullies, and the sportsfans, despite the fact that we contribute more to our society than any of them! The very society that laughs and derides us needs us! It is time we TOOK BACK our rightful place of respect and acceptance! It is time we let our geek flags fly high, without shame or embarrassment! Nerd Pride!

(For further, less "militant," recent ruminations on nerddom, see here. For interesting reflections on nerd/geek culture going kinda mainstream and what that means, see here.)


Stay-At-Home Gay said...

I absolutely love this post.

Frank said...

Thank you. I think it rocks, too.