Monday, August 27, 2007

The Inevitable Return Of Cartoon Nostalgia

Yes, we return once again to the cartoons of my childhood and the nostalgia thereof. Y'all knew it was bound to happen someday!

Duck Tales

"Duck Tales eeeee wooo ew!" I went through this strange captialist-pig phase as a child (what can I say, it was the 80s) where I liked loved Donald Trump *shame!* and stuff, so I wanted to be able to swim in coins like Scrooge McDuck. Plus, I was obsessed with maps, and the treasure map graphic behind the credits fascinated me.

Rescue Rangers

"Ch-ch-chip and Dale's... rescue rangers..." Chip and Dale, the gayest kids-show duo since Bert and Ernie, are detectives. Chip (or is it Dale?) wears a fedora and leather bomber jacket, while Dale (or is it Chip?) wears a Hawaiian shirt. Honestly, I don't remember anything else about it, but that damn theme song's been stuck in my head for years.


Everyone's favorite misfit, misanthropic teenage girl; snarky before there was a word for it. Except for the girl part (and the clunky shoes), I always fancied myself as inhabiting a rather Daria-esque niche in the swamp that is the high school ecosystem: the kinda shy, sarcastic loner. Her best friend Jane also reminded me of my best friend Christina; they even kind of sound alike. Also, both Daria and I liked to write, and were significantly smarter than a large portion of our peers. "Lala laaaaaaa lala lala laaaaaaa..."

More to come!

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